Benefits of Having Commercial Insurance

As the name suggests, commercial or business insurance is designed to protect businesses, including business owners and employees they hire. Since every business is different, there is no one-size-fits-all commercial insurance policy. Whether you run a big company with a hundred employees, you are a freelancer who makes some extra cash, you can benefit from commercial insurance.

Benefits of Commercial Insurance

Here is a list of the key advantages of commercial insurance:

  • It helps you win more clients. The bigger a client, the more likely you will have to sign a contract with them. Contracts often require carrying a special type of commercial insurance – errors and omissions insurance. This type of insurance covers professional mistakes that are made by a business owner or by one of the employees. 
  • Handles high legal bills. Business owners often become targets for lawsuits. For example, if a visitor gets injured on your property or gets hurt by a product you sell, you can be sued. Most commercial insurance policies provide lawsuit protection and cover your legal fees. 
  • It helps you recover from damages to commercial property. One of the main purposes of business insurance is to pay for repairs and replacement of business property and equipment after windstorms. A standard commercial insurance policy also pays for losses related to theft, vandalism, and fire. 

Insurance Solutions of Texas in Sugar Land, TX – Quality Insurance Policy to Businesses and Individuals 

If you are a business owner in Sugar Land, TX or any other surrounding area in Texas and you are shopping for commercial insurance, Insurance Solutions of Texas is ready to help you with every step of your insurance process. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff is always ready to answer your questions and help you find a policy you need.

Why Texas Business Owners Need A Strong Workers Compensation Plan

Insurance Solutions of Texas offers coverage to the Sugar Land, TX community, as well as the surrounding areas. For over 20 years, we have helped our clients in the contracting and real estate industries find the coverage they need to be successful. We help simplify the process of searching for insurance. We are confident that we can help you find the right policy to protect your business.

Why Texas Business Owners Need A Strong Workers Compensation Plan

As a Sugar Land, TX business owner, you have to manage a lot of obligations on a regular basis. You have to provide quality service to your customers while also acting in the best interests of your business. Commercial insurance helps make things a little less stressful. Commercial insurance covers your headquarters, equipment, and inventory if they are damaged. You are also covered if your business is impacted by a fire or a natural disaster such as a tornado. Liability coverage protects you if you are held responsible for causing damage or bodily injuries. Commercial insurance also helps you take care of your employees.

Having great employees is a key to maintaining a successful business. Worker’s compensation allows you to show appreciation for your employees. If one of your employees is injured in the workplace, worker’s compensation will cover their injuries and rehabilitation. This allows your employees to focus on getting healthy. If your employee is unable to work, they are still covered through the policy. A strong workers’ compensation policy can help you attract the top talent in the industry. It also helps your business because employee morale should stay high. Everyone knows that they are a valued part of the company.

Insurance Solutions Of Texas Will Help You Protect Your Investment

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Commercial Insurance Add Ons To Consider

With all of the time, effort, and money you’ve put into your business, it is vital for you to do whatever you can to protect your company. The best way to do this is with the right insurance coverage. Commercial insurance is something you likely already have, at least in some form, but there are probably ways your business is currently exposed, leaving you and your employees at risk. To help, Insurance Solutions of Texas has several commercial insurance add ons for you to consider. So, if your business is in Sugar Land, TX, here are a few coverage options to consider. 

Property Insurance

You don’t need to own the property to need this kind of commercial insurance. Property insurance will protect the equipment you have within the building, even if it is a rental. 

Auto Insurance

Do you drive for your business? Maybe you have employees that do. Well, you will need commercial auto insurance for this. Traditional auto insurance will not protect the vehicle in the event of an accident. So, make sure you have the right coverage for all of your vehicles by protecting them with commercial auto insurance. 

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

If an employee is injured while performing work tasks, they will need to be taken care of. Paying for these kinds of injuries out of pocket is expensive, and if you try to avoid doing this, the employee may attempt to bring out a lawsuit. Protect you and your employee with worker’s compensation. 

Commercial Insurance For Your Business

Having commercial insurance built specifically for you is of critical importance to your company’s success and longevity. You don’t want to leave yourself exposed. So, if you currently run a business in or around Belaire or Sugar Land, TX, now is the time to contact the team at Insurance Solutions of Texas.


Top Misconceptions Driving People Away From Getting Business Insurance

Many professionals, business owners, and others ignore the concept and benefit of insurance; although, it carries so much value. There are a few top misconceptions about how people feel about business insurance, which we have addressed below. Located in Sugar Land, TX, the team at Insurance Solutions of Texas can provide all the information necessary to prove the importance of having business insurance. Let’s dive in.

Small Business Owners

Some professionals incline that they don’t need to acquire business insurance because their business might be too small. Their business may comprise only one or two employees, and they might have been in business for less than two years. However, the truth is that as long as you are going to start a business, no matter how small, you need insurance so you can cover yourself, employees, and also the business from liability. Without insurance, if there is any accident, loss of life, or injury on the premises, the business entity and business owner will be liable. A good employee might not accept a job offer in another scenario due to a lack of insurance coverage, whether medical or worker’s compensation.

Home-based Business Owners

Those who work from home business may consider it useless to have insurance coverage because they do business from home. But, it is just as important for them as it is for any other business entity. The homeowner’s insurance is not enough. While the coverage may be different for home-based business owners, the liability is the same for any other business. So, it is reasonable to say that your business should be insured as long as you conduct business.

The Associated Risks

Some business owners don’t look at the risks associated with having a business. For this reason, they believe their business is safe from risks as long as they do what it takes to prevent accidents and incidents. However, freak accidents can occur in any business location, whether home-based or corporate. Insurance serves as a contingency plan.


Last but not least, businesses consider insurance to be a worthless expense, which puts a dent into their bottom line. So, they would rather not even talk about it. These business owners are not looking at the amount of money that insurance can save them in the long run if there is an employee claim or lawsuit. It is better to prevent such occurrences by securing business insurance rather than waiting until something bad happens. Contact us at Insurance Solutions of Texas in Sugar Land, TX, and let us help you figure out how much business insurance you need for adequate coverage.

Why commercial insurance is good for your small business

It isn’t easy to be a small business owner. It comes with lots of hard work and worry. One thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is protecting your investment. Commercial insurance offers a wide variety of protections, which can be very good for your small business. The trusted professionals at Insurance Solutions of Texas in Sugar Land, TX have been helping small businesses like yours to choose the perfect coverage for their particular type of business since 1993. Commercial insurance isn’t one size fits all, but some types of coverage are almost universally useful. 

Helps you stay in business

Unfortunately, there are lots of things that can put you out of business, both temporarily or permanently. You need to have a place to do business and the equipment and products to conduct that business. Commercial property insurance protects you from a wide variety of hazards that can make it difficult or impossible to operate your business. 

Helps pay your expenses

If you are not able to conduct business for some time, income will be shallow and scarce. Business Interruption Insurance will help to keep your business going until things are back to normal. It pays regular running expenses and assists with payroll for both you and your staff.  

Helps protect and retain your employees

Workers’ Compensation Insurance pays your workers if they are hurt while performing their regular work duties. It pays medical expenses and loss of work income. Workers will appreciate your having this insurance since it is not required by law in Texas. 

When you are ready to have your current commercial policy reviewed or are a new business owner looking for your first policy, Insurance Solutions of Texas in Sugar Land, TX is ready and able to sit down with you and discuss your needs. Give the office a call or stop by to make an appointment. 


Why commercial insurance is important for your business

Commercial insurance provides coverage to workers’ compensation, liabilities, and property. Here is why commercial insurance is important for your business:

The necessity for business operations

Some businesses require lenders to loan funds to keep business operational. Most of the lenders require the business to be insured, making commercial insurance a necessity for the continuing operations of the business. There might be some lenders that do lend some funds but that will come with a higher interest rate. From the perspective of the lenders, they want to secure their funds they have loaned and not be totally dependent on the success or failure of the company.

Protection from lawsuits

Lawsuits can sneak up on my business when least expected. There are several causes and effects of lawsuits. A client can sue the business in order to protect their liability, leaving them with no choice but to sue the company.

Protect your contracts

Although the contracts with clients offer some legal protection, in order to take the contracts to a court or to enforce them requires expensive legal representation or advisement. Complications or delays can further increase the financial cost of these contract lawsuits.

Peace of mind

Commercial insurance coverage kicks in in situations that require assistance with finance. However, the biggest benefit of commercial insurance is the peace of mind it provides so the business owners can focus on their business.

Insurance Solutions of Texas serving Sugar Land, TX will be able to guide and educate you regarding commercial insurance in Texas. Our agents are trained to understand the requirements and offer the policy that is most suited to the needs of the business owner. We will also be able to suggest further policies that may provide extra coverage. Insurance Solutions of Texas in Sugar Land, TX is ready to help get your business protected with a commercial insurance policy.

Commercial Coverage for New Businesses

Commercial insurance protects your business from accidents, property, and liability damage. Depending on the type of business you own, you’ll need to tailor your insurance to fit your business. At Insurance Solutions of Texas in Sugar Land, TX, we have independent insurance agents that are qualified to help your new business. 

General Liability Insurance

New businesses need general liability insurance coverage. It can protect you from lawsuits resulting from bodily injury, property damage, completed operations, and advertising and personal injury.

  • Bodily Injury — this type of coverage is for non-employee-related injuries. An example is if a customer falls because of spilled soda on the floor in your shop, then that customer could potentially sue you. This could cause tremendous economic hardship for your new business. With bodily injury insurance, you could be covered for possible customer injuries. 
  • Property Damage — is covered through liability insurance and it is based on limits. If you own a coffeehouse and your employee accidentally spills coffee on a customer’s mobile device, your insurance could cover the cost depending on your limits. 
  • Completed Operations — is for products that may cause injury to someone. If your goods or products cause harm to a customer, then you could be liable for the costs. If you serve someone food that makes them sick, you could be held responsible.
  • Personal and Advertising — involves slander, copyright infringement, libel, and malicious mischief. If your reputation becomes damaged as a result of another person or business spreading rumors or lies about your company. 

Other Insurance for Your Business

If you’re starting a business in Sugar Land, TX, you’re going to need advice on what types of insurance to get. There are many options including, commercial auto, professional, and cyber insurance. Stop by Insurance Solutions of Texas, so we can get you started on insurance for your type of business.