Things Home Insurance Covers That Aren’t in Your Home

Your home policy from Insurance Solutions of Texas covers much more than just the structure of your Sugar Land, TX home. As this blog explains, home insurance also covers items in other buildings that the homeowner owns or rents. 

Your personal property in your home’s attached or detached garage, a workshop on the property, or an off-site storage unit all receives coverage. 

Knowing that those items also receive coverage can help determine if your home policy includes enough coverage for your personal property. Make a list of the items you store in each location, then meet with your insurance agent online or in person for a consultation. One of our agents can help you determine the amount of personal property coverage needed to replace all of your items.

Your home policy covers everything anywhere in your home and inside its outbuildings, such as utility sheds, barns, workshops, garden houses, greenhouses, garages, gazebos, cabanas, etc.

Typically, a policy includes between 10 to 20 percent of the home’s value in property value. This may not fully cover what you own, though. That’s why the property audit you conduct remains so important. It lets you decide the property value rather than accept a prescribed generic value standard to a policy from a specific underwriter.

At this policy review, have your agent check whether your policy uses the actual or replacement value. If you want to buy a new one of everything in case of damage, request a replacement value in your policy.

Contact Insurance Solutions of Texas to improve your Sugar Land, TX home coverage. Let us help you increase your coverage to protect your personal property.