Auto Insurance Myths

There are a lot of myths out there about car insurance. Some people think it is an unnecessary expense, while others believe they don’t need it because they’re never in an accident. But the fact is, car insurance is an integral part of being a responsible driver or car owner. Here are four of the most common auto insurance myths and their truth.

Myth #1: My Current Car Insurance Is All I Need

Many people assume they have complete coverage just by having liability insurance, which is often the minimum legally required for drivers in their state. However, it’s not enough to cover you in case of an accident, especially if the damage exceeds your limits or if you injure someone in the accident and they sue you. Your car insurance should include comprehensive and collision coverage, which covers damages to your car if it’s in an accident.

Myth #2: Car Insurance Is Just for Teenagers

Car insurance for teenagers is a hot topic because the teenage years are when you’re at your most accident-prone. But car insurance isn’t just for teenagers. You should have it as soon as you get your license and keep it as long as you own a car. Even if you’re an excellent driver with a clean record, you can’t predict when an accident might happen.

Myth #3: I Can Settle My Accident Claim Without Insurance

You can, but is that advisable? If you don’t have car insurance and an accident happens, you’ll probably be on the hook for paying the other person’s medical bills and repair costs. That could leave you seriously in the red. With car insurance, you’ll be covered and can focus on recovering from the accident.

Myth #4: Collision Insurance and Comprehensive Insurance Are the Same

Collision insurance will help you pay to repair your car if it’s damaged in a collision with another vehicle or object. In contrast, comprehensive insurance will cover damages from fire, theft, and hail damage.

Car insurance is a vital part of safe and responsible driving. Insurance Solutions of Texas can help you find the coverage you need in Sugar Land, TX. We’ll help you find the right coverage and price for your specific situation.