Which commercial insurance coverages should large companies have?

When you start a business, you expose yourself to certain risks. Even before you get your first client or first employee, your business is already at risk. That’s why it’s important to think about commercial business policies in case of a catastrophic event. It’s even more important if you own a large business in Sugar Land, TX. At Insurance Solutions of Texas, we recommend speaking to an insurance professional to help you understand which coverage types to buy for your business. Here are a few to guide you.

Property insurance

Most large businesses operate from spaces they either own or rent. This insurance covers the furniture, equipment, signage, and other materials used in the company in the event of a storm or fire. Mass destruction from natural disasters like floods and earthquakes are not covered by the standard policies.

Workers compensation

Worker’s compensation is necessary for all large companies as they heavily depend on employees. The policy is designed to cover disability, medical and death benefits in case an employee gets injured, disabled or dies as a result of work. It doesn’t matter whether their jobs are low-risk or high risk, injuries from falls and sickness from working are included in worker’s compensation.

Business interruption insurance

Large businesses in Sugar Land, TX are affected the most when there is a catastrophic event like fire or flood. Some businesses lose millions and employees suffer from lost income. This insurance policy helps pay for lost income when your business operations are interrupted.

General liability insurance

General liability insurance pays for injuries that a customer or guest sustains while at your business. It also covers lawsuits in case you’re sued for pain and suffering. This coverage also covers advertising injury, which includes offenses like libel and copyright.

Buying the right commercial insurance policies doesn’t have to be difficult if you have the right professionals by your side. Our experts at Insurance Solutions of Texas have the tools, time, and expertise to help you find insurance for your business. Call us today!