Important Flood Safety Tips

Sugar Land, TX is no stranger to floods. Whether you’re new to the area or a long-time resident, Insurance Solutions of Texas wants to make sure you’re prepared the next time the waters run high. Check out our flood safety tips below!

Stay Up To Date

During a storm where flooding is likely, listen to the television or radio for current information. Know the area you’re in. Streams, canyons, and drainage canals can flood rapidly. These areas are especially prone to flash flooding, which can occur without warning.

Preparing Evacuation

Keep an emergency bag prepared with food, important documents such as identification and insurance papers, food, and a flashlight. If you have time, secure your home and move essential items to an upper floor if possible. You may be instructed to turn off utilities at a main switch or valve. If you can, disconnect electrical equipment but do not touch them if you are wet or standing in water.

During An Evacuation

When leaving your home, do not walk through water that is moving. Even just half a foot of moving water can cause you to fall. While driving, flooded areas should be avoided. If you encounter rising floodwaters, abandon the car and move safely to higher ground if possible.

After A Flood

Avoid contact with floodwater and do not swim through it due to the risk of dangerous debris and chemicals in the water. Avoid downed power lines. Do not return home or enter a disaster area until officials declare it is safe to do so. 

Sugar Land, TX is all too familiar with the devastating effects of flooding. Let Insurance Solutions of Texas take care of your flood insurance needs before it’s too late. Contact us today.