When Should You Purchase Flood Insurance in Sugar Land, TX?

Floods are natural disasters that cannot be contained while it is active by any means at all. When it comes to protecting yourself and your home, it is during a flood, it is always best to plan ahead of time than at the moment. This is why residents of Sugar Land, TX are urged to purchase flood insurance sooner than later as a flood can be unexpected and leave extreme damage behind. 

Insurance Solutions of Texas is based in Sugar Land, TX and serves other counties around the states with a variety of insurance options. Since 1993, Insurance Solutions has provided residents all around the state of Texas with insurance that protects them and their assets. We want to make sure that our clients are completely protected every step of the way. Flood insurance is crucial for homeowners to have and here are benefits to having it before it is too late. 

Property damage coverage includes a good portion of everything inside of the house. Your assets such as personal valuables, cars, jewelry, and more can be covered under flood insurance. Trying to replace all of these things without flood insurance after the disaster could be a very hard and stressful thing to do. Structural damage will cover the cost of repairs that are required to your home including cabinets, piping, flooring, walls, and piping. Without having flood insurance, paying to replace all of those things out of pocket would take a big financial hit. 

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3 Types of Texas Auto Insurance

Sugar Land, TX is a beautiful place, but it has some very dangerous roads and intersections. Your friends here at Insurance Solutions of Texas want you to be safe on the road. We also want you to be protected in case you are involved in an auto accident. The following are three basic insurance types to consider when choosing your auto insurance coverage:


Liability is the minimum amount of insurance required by law. Liability insurance covers damages, medical costs, and other expenses incurred due to an accident in which you are at fault. Basic liability coverage includes bodily injury liability- usually a set amount per person and accident- and property damage. The level of coverage required for each category varies by state.


Collision coverage takes care of your vehicle in the event of an accident, no matter who is at fault for the event. This includes accidents involving other cars, buildings, stop signs, trees, and more.


Comprehensive insurance coverage is designed to replace a vehicle that is damaged by covered events, which usually include things like fire, vandalism, theft, weather damage, and more depending on the policy.

Usually, when people use the term “full coverage,” it means that you have added both collision and comprehensive coverage. However, the term can mean different things to different companies, so it is essential to ask what specifically comes with a full coverage policy.

There are additional coverage types that you should consider adding to your policy. These include:

  • Uninsured or Underinsured Motorists– This helps cover damages and expenses caused by another driver that cannot pay.
  • Roadside Assistance– It comes in handy if you are broken down on the side of the road.

Protecting yourself, your loved ones, and your vehicle in the event of an accident is very important, and Insurance Solutions of Texas wants to help you choose the best coverage for your needs. If you are in Sugar Land, TX, stop by or give us a call today for a no-obligation, free quote! We look forward to serving you.

Why commercial insurance is important for your business

Commercial insurance provides coverage to workers’ compensation, liabilities, and property. Here is why commercial insurance is important for your business:

The necessity for business operations

Some businesses require lenders to loan funds to keep business operational. Most of the lenders require the business to be insured, making commercial insurance a necessity for the continuing operations of the business. There might be some lenders that do lend some funds but that will come with a higher interest rate. From the perspective of the lenders, they want to secure their funds they have loaned and not be totally dependent on the success or failure of the company.

Protection from lawsuits

Lawsuits can sneak up on my business when least expected. There are several causes and effects of lawsuits. A client can sue the business in order to protect their liability, leaving them with no choice but to sue the company.

Protect your contracts

Although the contracts with clients offer some legal protection, in order to take the contracts to a court or to enforce them requires expensive legal representation or advisement. Complications or delays can further increase the financial cost of these contract lawsuits.

Peace of mind

Commercial insurance coverage kicks in in situations that require assistance with finance. However, the biggest benefit of commercial insurance is the peace of mind it provides so the business owners can focus on their business.

Insurance Solutions of Texas serving Sugar Land, TX will be able to guide and educate you regarding commercial insurance in Texas. Our agents are trained to understand the requirements and offer the policy that is most suited to the needs of the business owner. We will also be able to suggest further policies that may provide extra coverage. Insurance Solutions of Texas in Sugar Land, TX is ready to help get your business protected with a commercial insurance policy.

Should You Ever Decrease Your Home Insurance Policy Amount?

Having home insurance is crucial for any homeowner, whether they are financing or own their home. But, insurance coverage needs can change. So, it is vital to understand whether you have the right amount of coverage in place and if you need to increase or decrease coverage amounts over time.

Decreasing Insurance Coverage

The instances where insurance coverage should be decreased is if there is a removal of part of the structure, or the value of the home decreases significantly. Don’t reduce the coverage amount in other instances because it can leave gaps in coverage. The best way to find out if the coverage in place needs to be decreased is to consult with an experienced insurance agent. They can help determine if too much coverage is in place and recommend actions to suit the situation. 

Getting Quality Home Insurance

It is vital to find quality insurance to help prevent losses from a covered event. Get the assistance you need from a top-rated insurance provider like Insurance Solutions of Texas, serving Sugar Land, TX, to give you peace of mind and the protection you need. The insurance agents here are highly skilled and can help homeowners discover policy options that work best for their individual situation. Additionally, we can help with claims that may arise in the future. 

Don’t guess when it comes to lowering insurance coverage. Find out from an agent at Insurance Solutions of Texas if your current plan is the right course of action or if changes need to be made. We can help the people of the lone star state find options that are right for their needs. Call or stop by the office in Sugar Land, TX to get more details. 

3 Tips for Buying Flood Insurance in Texas

Are you worried about flooding? Do you live in Sugar Land, TX, or areas nearby? If so, the best thing you can do is protect yourself with an adequate flood insurance policy from Insurance Solutions of Texas. 

However, you may not think this is necessary – after all, you have never had flood damage before, so why now? Keep reading to find out why a flood insurance policy is such a good investment and how to get the right policy for your needs. 

Work with a Reputable Agent 

When it is time for you to purchase flood insurance for your Texas-based home or property, you need to find the right agent. Take some time to get to know the options and get recommendations from others to find a reputable agent in your area. You should also do your research so you can feel confident with the agent you ultimately choose. 

Compare Quotes 

In addition to finding a reputable agent, you need to compare several flood insurance quotes. Don’t just look at the bottom-line price. Instead, take some time to see what exactly is covered and what exactly is left out. You want to choose a policy that provides you the protection you need if flood damage were to occur. 

Bundle Your Policies 

If you have insurance for your home, cars, or something else, you should consider bundling your policies with the same provider. This is a great way to save money on your insurance costs. 

As you can see, getting flood insurance doesn’t have to be difficult, but it will require some time and a bit of effort. If you need help finding the right policy to protect your Sugar Land, TX home or commercial property, contact our team at Insurance Solutions of Texas. 

Winterizing Your Car? Don’t Forget Your Auto Insurance

When you’re in Bellaire or Sugar Land, TX, you want to make sure that you do a few things to prepare your car for the winter. This includes building an emergency kit and taking care of preventative maintenance. You don’t want to forget your auto insurance, either, and that’s where Insurance Solutions of Texas can help.

Pack Your Emergency Kit

It’s a good idea to have an emergency kit in the car in case you have an accident. Whether you need a shovel to move some of the snow out of the way or a flashlight to see in the dark, it should be in your car when you need it. A few other things to consider adding to your kit includes gloves, a windshield scraper, jumper cables, and road flares.

Schedule Your Preventative Maintenance

Your car should be ready to handle all of the inclement weather. As such, it’s a good idea to get your vehicle scheduled for some preventative maintenance. Have your oil changed, your tire pressure checked, and your windshield wipers replaced. You should have your battery checked, too, so your car doesn’t die on the coldest day of winter.

Review Your Auto Insurance Policy

It’s vital that you not only have auto insurance but the right insurance. Collision and comprehensive coverage are optional in most instances. However, when there are snow and ice on the roads, it can lead to your vehicle slipping and sliding more than average. Added coverage allows you to feel better protected in the event that you lose control and collide with a guard rail or another vehicle.

Contact us at Insurance Solutions of Texas today to get free quotes on auto insurance. With our help, you can be prepared for winter in Sugar Land, TX with a higher sense of security.


Commercial Coverage for New Businesses

Commercial insurance protects your business from accidents, property, and liability damage. Depending on the type of business you own, you’ll need to tailor your insurance to fit your business. At Insurance Solutions of Texas in Sugar Land, TX, we have independent insurance agents that are qualified to help your new business. 

General Liability Insurance

New businesses need general liability insurance coverage. It can protect you from lawsuits resulting from bodily injury, property damage, completed operations, and advertising and personal injury.

  • Bodily Injury — this type of coverage is for non-employee-related injuries. An example is if a customer falls because of spilled soda on the floor in your shop, then that customer could potentially sue you. This could cause tremendous economic hardship for your new business. With bodily injury insurance, you could be covered for possible customer injuries. 
  • Property Damage — is covered through liability insurance and it is based on limits. If you own a coffeehouse and your employee accidentally spills coffee on a customer’s mobile device, your insurance could cover the cost depending on your limits. 
  • Completed Operations — is for products that may cause injury to someone. If your goods or products cause harm to a customer, then you could be liable for the costs. If you serve someone food that makes them sick, you could be held responsible.
  • Personal and Advertising — involves slander, copyright infringement, libel, and malicious mischief. If your reputation becomes damaged as a result of another person or business spreading rumors or lies about your company. 

Other Insurance for Your Business

If you’re starting a business in Sugar Land, TX, you’re going to need advice on what types of insurance to get. There are many options including, commercial auto, professional, and cyber insurance. Stop by Insurance Solutions of Texas, so we can get you started on insurance for your type of business.

Adding a Home Addition

Adding a new room to a home is exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. If you plan to live in the house while the work is being done, be prepared to put up with dust, noise, and inconvenience while the work is in progress. The result is usually worth it; however, it does require patience to get through the process.

Adjust Home Insurance for Adequate Coverage

One thing that may be overlooked is the need to adjust home insurance to take into consideration the changes that are going to be made. Work with your agent at Insurance Solutions of Texas, serving Sugar Land, TX and the surrounding area, during the planning stage for a new home renovation project or room addition.

Check the Contractor’s Insurance

Before committing to a choice of a building contractor, ask for copies of all the contractor’s insurance policies. By law, a contractor must have workers’ compensation coverage for any workers who are injured or killed while on the job. Make sure the workers’ compensation insurance is in good standing and current.

Look For Gaps in Coverage

Ask your insurance agent to conduct a professional review to look for gaps in insurance coverage. For example, if the building materials will be stored on the home’s property while the construction work is in progress, does the contractor’s insurance provide protection if they are stolen? Or, do you need some added protection?

Ask your agent about these things and more, such as replacement cost coverage for enhanced protection. Many homes are underinsured. Find out if your current home insurance provides enough protection.

Contact your agent at Insurance Solutions of Texas in Sugar Land, TX to get a home insurance review. We can help with evaluating the insurance of your building contractor and recommend how to adjust your home insurance to provide adequate coverage while your renovation project is in progress and after the home addition is completed.